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We are beyond ecstatic to have you join us for the Atlanta Showing of L.O.V.E. The show is one that is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, smile and reminisce, but overall make you proud. Below is your special discounted tickets that will reserve your special exclusive L.O.V.E. Family T-Shirt and VIP seating.


We are expecting a full house at our March showing of L.O.V.E., however we do want to make sure ALL Family is prioritized and taken care of at this event. This link is exclusive to FAMILY ONLY, so please be sure to leave your name when purchasing tickets so that we have an accurate head count for family. 



T-Shirts are only available at ONE per purchase. T-Shirt will be distributed to person name on receipt of ticket upon entry to the show. If additional T-Shirts would like to be purchased you can do so below. There is a $1.50 processing fee on each transaction.


L.O.V.E. T-Shirt

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Please specify size when purchasing. Sizes range from Large - 3XL. All Shirts will be available on day of show upon entry.